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Grave Digger - I hate it to say, but my advice is, learn a trade which fills up your bank account and do music as a hobby. This is the only way to avoid the humiliation of having to do musical mess so that your children can go to school

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Introducties alsHi, this is Axel Ritt of Grave Digger writing‘ zijn altijd leuk als binnenkomer tijdens een interview. Om maar te zeggen. Grave Digger is een power/heavy metal band die toch al sinds begin jaren '80 - dat is ruimschoots veertig jaar - zijn stempel heeft gedrukt op het metal gebeuren, het wil gelukkig dus niet zeggen dat de heren naast hun schoenen beginnen te lopen. Daarvoor krijg je bij ons altijd een pluim extra op je hoed.
Vorig jaar stond de band nog op  het festival 'Blast from the Past' in Kuurne, waar Grave Digger bewees ook 'on stage' nog steeds een solide geheel te vormen.
Dat verslag kunt u hier nog eens nalezen
We stelden Axel enkele vragen via mail over het verleden van de band, maar vooral ook hoe je omgaat met zo een crisis waarin we nu leven, en wat de toekomst brengt

Forty years of Grave Digger, it seems like a milestone in the history of the group. Looking back over the decades, what are you most proud of?
To be still a solid part of the business. We saw many bands come and we saw many bands go, but Grave Digger is a blueprint.

Were special shows planned for that birthday? which?
Yes, there were many special open air shows planed with a big entourage of guest musicians like Wacken, Rockharz, Rockhard and many more, but Corona killed it all. We try to perform as many as possible of the shows in 2021.

And will they possibly continue new special Birthday shows later?
Yes, we’ll do our best to catch up these shows in 2021.

Compared to the early days of the group, what is the main change in your life?

I myself know a hundred times more about the music business than in the early days, so the danger to sign ridiculous contracts, like I did in the early days, is zero now. Meanwhile, I got my own record company, my own publishing company and my own recording studios, so I’m independent in any way. When you start making music, everybody is earning money with your music, except you. Fortunately, this will never happen again.

Are there things - knowing what you know now - that you would do differently?
Definitely, more than I can write down in this interview. I trust the wrong people and I started that naive in the business until I found out, that the only way to do it right, is the way to do it by my own. So for the following decades I learnt a lot regarding everything music and everything went perfect.

You’ve already released soo many albums with Grave Digger which is damn impressive! But tell me, how are you always able to come up with new inspiration?
It’s pretty simple, it’s just hard work. Creating music is 10% inspiration, 90% transpiration! Nobody wakes up in the morning and got the perfect melody hooks, the perfect lyrics, the perfect riffs and the perfect arrangements. I’m still working 90 hours a week, that’s the only way to deliver high quality music.

Since you’ve been consistently around since 1980 and went on numerous tours all around the world I consider you to be a very successful band. So what advice could you give to up and coming acts?
Well, we grew up at a time, where you had the chance to get famous, if you put all of your time, energy and money into your career. It’s hard to say, but these days are gone forever. Today, you’re a lucky guy, if you can pay the rent and get some food, but you’ll never be able to feed a family or buy a house without 1 or 2 more jobs, or the additional income of your wife. I hate it to say, but my advice is, learn a trade which fills up your bank account and do music as a hobby. This is the only way to avoid the humiliation of having to do musical mess so that your children can go to school.

These are very strange times, how do you deal with that as a band, musician and also people?
To be honest, the only thing that has changed is the absence of the live shows and the associated loss of earnings. All other parts of my life stood the same.

Now what are the further plans after this crisis? New releases possibly?
Yes, because we’re not a fan of doing ghost concerts or rehearsal room streamings, we decided to do a new album every year, as long as we’re not allowed to perform shows. The fans loved this announcement a lot.

After forty years, has your final goal been reached? Or do we add ten more?
We’ll behave as all the big names in music, as long as we’re able to handle our instruments and as long as the people will come to our shows and pay us to play, we’ll move on.

My last question now that the fans can not buy merchandiser through performances and stuff, where can they now? online (feel free to provide some links) or something

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Cheers Axel „Ironfinger“ Ritt

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