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Absolva - We are an extremely energetic live band with a lot of experience. We do not take any prisoners Aanbevolen

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Absolva - We are an extremely energetic live band with a lot of experience. We do not take any prisoners

Absolva is ontstaan in 2012. Opgericht door Chris Appleton & Martin McNee, beide afkomstig van de band Fury UK. Hun debuutplaat 'Flames of Justice' sloeg in als een bom. In 2014 verliet bassist Dan Bate de band. Luke Appelton bood nog maar eens zijn diensten aan bij Absolva. Ook het in 2015 uitgebrachte heavy metal pareltje 'Never a good day to die' was een schot in de roos. De band heeft ondertussen een sterke live reputatie opgebouwd, en bestaat uit muzikanten die heel wat waters hebben doorzwommen. Uit hun nieuwste plaat 'Side By Side' blijkt die virtuositeit meermaals. Een nieuwe bladzijde, en plaat, om te koesteren als typische heavy metal fan. We hadden ondertussen een gesprek met Chris over die nieuwe plaat, hoe het blijven combineren met andere projecten, Wizz en 9 jaar ELPEE.

First off congratz with the new album, which I personally think combines all influences from all previous Absolva albums, agreed?
Chris : Yes I agree. The new album ‘Side By Side’ combines the elements of all the past Absolva albums into one glorious masterpiece.  We are very proud of this album. 

Since the album 'Never a good day to die' - the album that made me into you guys music - much happened?
What where the ups and downs?

Chris : A lot has happened. The ‘Never a good day to die’ album & tour cemented the steady Absolva line up, myself & my brother Luke Appleton.  Plus Martin McNee & Karl Schramm. It saw us break into many new countries and establish new fan bases.  We then released the album ‘Defiance’, which again was equally well received with the fans and pushed us into the longest European tour we had done.  And really expanded our abilities.

I know in Absolva, it's you and Luke that write most of the stuff, so is it you who has the final word there what gets on the record or not?
Chris : Yes, Absolva is my baby. I am the Steve Harris band leader of Absolva. What I say is the way. End of.

Let's talk about the new record 'Side By Side'. I love how you guys keep the 'pure heavy metal spirit' alive. But you also did two wonderful covers?  How did you come to the idea, and did you had contact with black sabbath and Iron Maiden?
Chris : ‘Side By Side’ I do believe is our finest work. The songwriting has matured and the production is brilliant. The 2 covers, we have been playing for many many years live. And we thought we would include them as bonus tracks to this album.

I especially like how your voice can handle many keys?  How do you keep doing that?
Chris : My honest answer? I have no idea. My voice has developed a hell of alot over the years. When I made the first Absolva album I thought, wow, my voice sounds great…..what happened??? And it gets stronger & stronger… I’ve never had singing lessons, or techniques, I have just worked on it and improved.  I year hundreds and hundreds of gigs over the years helps.

Is there a release concert and tour associated with that new album?
Chris : ‘’Side By Side’’ World Tour 2020- https://www.absolva.com/tour-dates
We started in Brazil in January, the European Tour starts soon taking us back to France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark.  And of course not forgetting our fans in the UK. The official album release for ‘Side By Side’ is 17 April 2020.

I think the songs, as usual, beg to be brought live. I think you are mostly a live band, do you agree?
Chris : Yes, when we write songs, we always write the song with a view to doing it live.
We are an extremely energetic live band with a lot of experience. We do not take any prisoners. ;)

What are your personal expectations regarding the new album?
Chris : I knew our loyal fanbase would like it straight away. They were so hungry for a new album, we have kept them waiting a long time this time. My personal expectations are to guide us through new territories in Europe and South America. And I would like one day to tour Japan.

You come to 9 years in April ELPEE is that a CD show or do you bring a best of show?
Chris : The ‘Side By Side’ tour of course will include at least 4-5 songs from the new album.
But we will also play songs from our back catalogue also. Its a full Absolva show.

(Meer informatie: https://www.facebook.com/events/391391231783840/?event_time_id=391391238450506 )

Don't you have a special relationship with ELPEE in Deinze? Tell something more about it.
Chris : Elpee, Deinze. Holds many special memories for me. We first played there with Fury UK and acoustic. When it was just a very small cafe. They then extended the building and stage and sound system. Kat Coddens the owner, is a very dear friend of mine. She has been incredibly loyal to me.  So I am in turn, incredibly loyal to her. Which I think a lot of bands and venue owners & promoters should cherish inthis era. I certainly cherish it.

I think the Belgian fans love you the most of the entire world? Agree?
Chris: We play small shows and big shows in Belgium, guaranteed they will be full.
The Belgium fans are very loyal to us, and Belgium will be forever a special place in my heart.
We lost a great musician and friend couple years ago to 'Wizz Wizzard'

How important was Wizz for Absolva?
Chris : Wizz was our best friend. Nobody helped us more than Wizz. Not just as someone helping the band, but a friend who was just as important as family.
He was family. He is family. He first brought our previous band ‘Fury UK’ to Belgium many many years ago. To his festival. And that is where our close relationship started. When he died, I did not really accept it properly. I still do not think I really have now.  I visit his resting place still, he was our Belgian dad. He taught us about Jupiler, Wizz Chicken, chocolate & schuttle-vudda. Rest well mate. 

Next to the new album there is still a tour with Blaze Bayley
Chris : Yes, Blaze Bayley Tenth Dimension Tour 2020. Europe in September/October. UK in November.

There is also Iced earth and a solo album of Luke? How you keep combination all this things?
Chris : With great planning and great organisation. haha.  Its alot and we are always busy.

Talking about Blaze. How do you work on music with Blaze on tour or in the studio and is it Blaze that gets the final say?

Chris : I write the songs with Blaze. Similar to the way myself & Luke write. When I write with Blaze though, that is his baby.  I’m Zakk Wylde working with Ozzy… Or Vivian Campbell working for Dio…

What are the future plans next to promoting the record?  And also with other projects?
Chris: More Blaze albums, more Absolva albums, more solo albums. There always something. ;)

Is there also something like an 'end goal'?
Chris: Yeah, continue being a professional full time musician.

 I’m out of my questions. If there is anything important you want to say to our readers, go ahead.

Chris: Number 1, thankyou to all of our fans out there. You give us the energy and strength to keep us going and continue to love what we do.

Photo homepag @Hughes Vanhoucke
More information about Absolva: https://www.absolva.com/home

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  • Band Name: Absolva
  • Datum: 2020-01-30
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