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Ledfoot - Ledfoot aka Scott McConnel - the highs are when you’re not worried about the near future and the lows are when you have doubt about surviving the night Aanbevolen

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Ledfoot - Ledfoot aka Scott McConnel - the highs are when you’re not worried about the near future and the lows are when you have doubt about surviving the night

"Levende legende brengt nieuwe plaat uit'' , zou de titel kunnen zijn van deze recensie. Want dat is Ledfoot aka Scott McConnel zeker en vast. De man is al actief sinds de jaren '70. Enerzijds als solo artiest, anderzijds als lid van diverse formaties. In de jaren '80 genoot hij bekendheid als lid van The Rockats, en in de jaren '90 met The Havalinas. Daarmee toerde hij o.a. als voorprogramma van Bob Dylan. Hij schreef songs voor uiteenlopende pop- en rock-acts, zoals Sheena Easton en ook Bruce Springsteen. In 2007 bracht hij zijn solo-debuut op de markt - 'The Devil's Songbook' - en dat was een schot in de roos. Met 'White Crow' lanceert Ledfoot zijn vierde album, en vanaf de eerste song voel je adrenalinestoten opborrelen die vele decennia rock en pop muziek samen brengen binnen één plaat.
De volledige recensie kunt u hier nog eens nalezen:  

We hadden een fijn gesprek met levende legende en bezieler van Ledfoot Scott McConnel over verleden, heden en toekomst

Congratulations on your newest pearl of a record. What most appealed to me was: Pinches of 70s psychedelic rock are spiced up with a dose of rock music referring to the 80s, Bruce Springsteen and enhanced with 90s rock. With both feet in the present. Class! More pure than gold. What is your opinion about this?
I’ve been a musician and songwriter for 45 years, in the course of which I’ve explored lots of musical genres...every one of which has expanded my musical vocabulary . Over time all these styles kind of mix together into one language, Ledfoot is so defined by the limitations of what I can do with a twelve string in open tunings, that I can go wherever I want musically and never lose sight of my identity....

Something else that I love about the record. As an artist and singer-songwriter and top musician, you have left your mark on the rock scene and related styles over many decades. But therefore do not rest on its laurels, on the contrary. Where does that inspiration continue to come from ?
Heh heh...desperation and the fact that nobody wants to hear the same story over and over I try not to repeat myself..

Is there an artist who inspires you or who particularly interests you? Where does yourinspiration come from?
I’m pretty much inspired by anyone who tells the truth and knows who they are, I was born in the south so I grew up with Johnny cash and Hank Williams …those guys told it how it was...later when I got into different styles of music I gravitated towards artists who did the same thing in their own bullshit.

In most of your songs, we can always feel a great pain when you sing about love. Canyou tell us how much does the word love mean to you in your life?
Probably the most complicated word to define ever written or spoken...the most difficult feeling to describe.... you could write about it forever and never get it right.

You've collaborated with an impressive arsenal of artists over the years. Who do you have the best memories of (let's keep it positive)?
Every single one has taught me something invaluable , that’s the beauty of collaboration..two people look at a of them sees it as a wonderful piece of natural sculpture...the other one picks it up and throws it through the nearest window... looking through someone else’s eyes in collaboration is always worth a lesson.

Bruce Springsteen even covered one of your songs. How did that work? How do you feel about this?
I found out he’d covered it when Rolling Stone called me for an interview. It’s an honor of course to have a respected artist cover one of your songs. I don’t really think about it beyond that...before Spotify and the digital age it might have meant some real money in the bank...those days are gone.

Know what you know now. Are there things you would do differently now?
Yes..always stick to your guns...

What are your main highs and lows in your career?
Heh heh..the highs are when you’re not worried about the near future and the lows are when you have doubt about surviving the night…it’s that simple. I`m not the kind of person who dwells on the past.

You have been working on the long road since the 1970s. You have seen a lot change, what do you think is the biggest change
I guess the biggest change is that younger artists look at being a musician as a career choice....when I started it was more a lifestyle...a home for misfits .

You can no longer ignore digitization and spotify, how do you feel about that and how do you deal with that?
Like most songwriters  I guess... waiting to collect enough royalty checks not worth cashing to wallpaper the bathroom...

What are the future plans? For this year?
I’ll hopefully be releasing two more records this year, a new Ledfoot record and a collaboration with Ronni Le Tekro. I had planned on touring extensively but as of now everything is cancelled till at least September. I’m also acting and doing some music for the Norwegian tv series `Exit`.

How heavy is it for an artist in these harsh times with a corona virus?
Six months concerts cancelled in the last week’s that kind of heavy.

Is there still some kind of 'end goal' after all these years? something you absolutely still want to achieve?
I’m a working class pension plan, no retirement... four goal is to be able to keep working till the day I die.

This was my last question. Are there any other announcements to our readers?
Yes, sooner or later this shit will pass and I’ll be on the road again... please come on down when you see I’m in town!

We sure will. Take good care of yourself and you loved ones. Thanks for this interview

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