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Even voorstellen - DoctorD (belgian drum n bass) release ‘Swara’

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Even voorstellen - DoctorD (belgian drum n bass) release ‘Swara’

You might know DoctorD from the album 'Missa Electronica' (re-interpretations of Flemish liturgical church songs in EDM styles) or from his last album 'Can't Live in a Living Room (Reconstructed)' (radical reworks of the seminal song by Red Zebra, for its 40th birthday). Or from his recent collaborations with NEVEL ('Herfstnevel', 'Girls on Acid', 'Trop de Toi'). DoctorD is a Belgian producer, and is all about mixing music styles into hopefully something new, or interesting, or fresh.

In this new release, a single this time, DoctorD went for a drum n bass track infused with female Hindi chant. Drum n bass is one of DoctorD's favourite genres, and this track is a bit in the tradition of Netsky and London Electricity. 

The word 'Swara' is a Hindu female first name, meaning 'Tones', 'Musical Notes', 'Tune' and 'Self Shining'. This track is a tribute to his many colleagues from India (yes, DoctorD has a day-time job in IT). Their preciseness, dedication, positive spirit and general kindness is an inspiration for him. And in all fairness…DoctorD is a huge fan of Indian cuisine as well.

WEBSITE: https://doctord.be/
BANDCAMP: https://doctord1.bandcamp.com/ 
SPOTIFY playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1gIxMNxNM2sJahS4NLV97H?si=4579aeb0e2a64209

DoctorD has been active in the electronic scene for about 20 years, aiming at blending genres into something new and fresh.
Examples: the KnF project (French spoken word lyrics and EDM), Unk! (metal guitars/vocals and dance beats), the Missa Electronica project (old Flemish church chants in EDM sauce).
DoctorD is also the owner of Roth Eleven Productions, aiming at producing emerging artists with small budgets.


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