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Even voorstellen - Loud Black Day - The fetters of existence", new EP

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Even voorstellen - Loud Black Day - The fetters of existence", new EP

After a first EP named "Feelings" released in 2019, loud rock band Loud Black Day is back with a new album: "The fetters of existence".
There are indeed five new tracks, among wich four were created from jams. Therefore, the general shape is really unconventional, the composition technique derives from what you can generaly find in the genre. The only song not fitting in this process is "Late night feelings", the album power ballad.
The themes are quite dark, with a persistent idea of imprisonment, oppression, and that nihilistic philosophy close to 90's grunge. Through a lost soul destroyed by addictions, the fear of time chasing us or the irony of the need to crush others to evolve in life, the band rides between sadness and anger.
About the music, the "loud and dark" common thread, signature of the band, unites songs that individually obey to their own influences: nu-metal, grunge, post-rock, thrash-metal, prog,...
The trio's projects are the realisation of some videoclips, new gigs and a studio session as soon as possible.
You can find "The fetters of existence" on all streaming platforms and also on Youtube and Facebook.

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