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Even voorstellen - Porcelain id releases 'Adam Come Home'

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Even voorstellen - Porcelain id releases 'Adam Come Home'

Unday records news - It is a song about a delicate balance of domesticity and tenderness against a backdrop of absolute fear and anxiety.

Porcelain id is the pseudonym under which Hubert Tuyishime (they/them/their) has been unleashing unique songs since 2020. Emerged in recent years as one of the promising talents on the Belgian scene, they won the renowned Sound Track competition, built a solid live reputation and Porcelain id was called a folk singer for new times national newspaper De Morgen. With the crushing debut album ‘Bibi:1’ due on Unday Records on February 16, Porcelain id seem to be on the way to conquering a place all their own, far away from formats and the beaten path.

Porcelain id - Adam Coming Home (Official Video) - YouTube

Adam Coming Home is the second track we get to share from the debut album produced by Youniss Ahamad. The album leans more toward abstraction, experimentation, and electronics but never feels detached and still builds on the core of Porcelain id.

Here are Porcelain id’s thoughts on the track:
“Adam... is in a fascinating place on the album for me. It's one of only two singles closest to the previous EP, echoes of the past with the novelty of Youniss' menacing sound and Aram's light-hearted strings underneath. Its melodies interweave feelings of being in between, something I knew well while writing.

"I remember the days we spent together in my girlfriend's little dorm room as spring turned to summer while she was pregnant. It was a time full of challenges as we adjusted to this new chapter of life while I feverishly tried to hold on to the bittersweet ending of the last. I had just graduated from art school. It was a delicate balance of domesticity and tenderness against a backdrop of absolute fear and anxiety. It painted a poignant picture of a time when I was both the best and worst of myself."

Watch the video featuring Porcelain id and their girlfriend Marie-Fleur Valckx.

Nov 15 ● Fifty Lab Festival, Brussels
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  • Datum: 2023-11-13
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