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Pias news – Whispering sons announces new album ‘The great calm’

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Pias news – Whispering sons announces new album ‘The great calm’

Whispering Sons - Cold City (Official Video) - YouTube

06.03.2024 — 4AD, DIKSMUIDE
17.03.2024 — CACTUS CLUB, BRUGES
22.03.2024 — DE ROMA, ANTWERP
23.03.2024 — REFLEKTOR, LIÈGE

Belgian five-piece Whispering Sons announce their new album The Great Calm, out on February 23, 2024 via [PIAS] Recordings.
They share the brooding Cold City, another tastemaker for the new album and something completely different from the almost joyous first single The Talker.
Cold City is as icy as its title suggests. Describing a desire so unattainable, it feels like a nostalgic song, albeit a nostalgia for something that doesn’t even exist yet. “We settled on the form pretty quickly”, singer Fenne Kuppens explains, “the real challenge was to find the right sounds to carry the feeing of the song.” By layering synth upon synth and adding lots of texture, Whispering Sons created a song that’s small and fragile, but very rich in atmosphere.
The video for Cold City is another chapter of the short film ‘Balm (After Violence)’ which saw its premiere at the Film Fest Ghent and at Left Of The Dial in Rotterdam with a special screening and live performance.

Following the dark, expansive power of 2018’s Image and 2021’s minimal Several Others, Whispering Sons’ third album The Great Calm represents a reimagining and rethinking, though this growth has produced a series of songs that are still defiantly and uniquely true to the group.
To start with Whispering Sons are a five-piece once again. Original drummer Sander Pelsmaekers had to drop out of playing music after suffering nerve damage (and even took the role of the group's tour manager in the interim) but is now able to return on synths. Bassist Tuur Vandeborne has moved over to the drum stool, while the band’s long-term engineer — an experienced producer in his own right — Bert Vliegen has joined on bass. Guitarist and songwriter Kobe Lijnen and vocalist and lyricist Fenne Kuppens retain their roles, but they too have adapted and evolved their approaches for The Great Calm.
Yet while this might all seem like upheaval from the outside, for the band these changing currents have in fact led them to an artistic place that feels comfortably their own.

“I think the most important thing about us is that we met as a group of friends and started the band,” notes Kuppens, “this is something that came out of a love for music and an eagerness to play together. And now we’re 10 years further. Not that much has really changed. The dynamics are always the same. We're very close to each other, we’re very good friends, so to switch things around was easy.”

Yet making this new record felt different in a way that has pleased and inspired its creators.
Recorded in four weeks — two in the Audioworkx studio near Eindhoven, Holland, before being finished at the start of 2023 using a homemade set-up on Vlieland, a small Dutch island just off the North Sea coast — the power, energy and beauty behind The Great Calm’s making is etched through the heart of each of its 12 songs.
The insides of a car gutted by fire, which adorn the album’s cover chimes with The Great Calm’s wider sense of renewal. In fact, the photograph by Belgium-born, Australian-based artist Wouter Van de Voorde was selected by Kuppens who art-directed the record while she was in the middle of writing album opener ‘Standstill’.

“He showed me this picture and I knew I really wanted to do something with it because at that time I was writing a song about a car and driving through your childhood memories, driving through the past,” she explains. “When I saw this burned-out car, it just clicked again, like the moment with the poetry.”

And the creative connection to Glück went deeper still, with the poet — inadvertently —  helping to name the album.
“There was just one verse where she wrote about the great calm and I was like, ‘wow!’ It felt very cinematic,” Kuppens adds. “I like the sense of grandeur in a phrase like The Great Calm. It just really describes what the characters in the songs are striving for, this sense of peace and calmness, but it's also something that's probably non-existent too because it sounds too much like a dream. It’s just too big a concept and I find that scale funny but in a serious way. So it fits the album because everything is about moving forward. The record is more hopeful, there’s more beauty in it. Our last album was very dark and always very destructive. I guess this one is still a bit destructive, but there's hope in that destruction.”

1. Standstill
2. Walking, Flying
3. Cold City
4. Dragging
5. Something Good
6. Still, Disappearing
7. The Talker
8. Balm (After Violence)
9. Poor Girl
10. Loose Ends
11. Oceanic
12. Try Me Again

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