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Jess Ribeiro announces new album ‘summer of love’

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Jess Ribeiro announces new album ‘summer of love’

JESS RIBEIRO announces new album "SUMMER OF LOVE”  
+ single ‘Everything Is Now’.
+ single 'Jump the gun'
+ single 'Summer of love'

Naarm/Melbourne-based folk chameleon JESS RIBEIRO unveils details of her forthcoming album “Summer of Love” and shares the new track and second single ‘Everything Is Now’,
out February 7th.
With the new single comes a one-shot music video starring acclaimed contemporary and shamanistic dancer Tony Yap.
The new album “Summer of Love” is out April 12 on Labelman.

About ‘Everything is now’
‘Everything is Now’ is about the primal yearning for the magic of nature, a coming back into the present after the burn out of overwork and modern city life. It’s escaping the city, letting go of the daily chatter and returning to the self. The song opens with an analogue tape loop replicating the sound of a train trailing along the tracks and Jess’s repetitious parlour guitar strum before the unflappable opening line “the river is calling me away upstream like some kind of game.” Inviting the listener into a low key dance floor number, full of jagged instrumentation.
The song was recorded in the small coastal town of Point Lonsdale during Melbournes infamous lockdown period by producer Nick Huggins.

Jess Ribeiro - Everything Is Now (Official Clip) (youtube.com)

single Jump the gun Jess Ribeiro - Jump The Gun (Official Clip) (youtube.com)

single 'Summer of love' Jess Ribeiro - Summer of Love (Official Clip) (youtube.com)

The new album ‘Summer of Love’
Across the ten tracks on Jess Ribeiro’s incoming new album ‘Summer of Love’, she traverses isolation, loss, tiny snatches of love, expectation versus reality, once-in-a-century pandemics and healing. It was written and recorded during a particularly unstable time, with Ribeiro living in nine different houses across a two year period, including six months in a church outside of the city, “That instability affected my mental health,”she says. It also created the spark for her fourth album, on which she transfixes audiences as she digs deep into the present, past, and wanted future.
The first demos for Summer of Love were put down at a solar-powered shack by Jess with her friend and musical collaborator Dave Mudie (Courtney Barnett, Super American Eagle), an experience that wasn’t without excitement: “We used all the solar power trying to record. It ended with us around a fire for the rest of the night, terrified that the boars were going to get us.”
From there, she recorded the album with Nick Huggins on Wautharong Country in Point Lonsdale, with special guests Jim White (Dirty Three, Xylouris White,) on drums, Darcy McNulty on saxophone, folk-diviner Leah Senior on keys, James Seymour on bass, Davie Mudie taking percussion duties, Carrie Webster’s violin and viola, and Huggins himself chipping in on bass, tape and drum loops, synth, guitars and piano. The way in which the album came together with her collaborators - separately, but towards the same north star - is where the beauty in the work is experienced. “It was improvised and experimental, musicians could only visit on eat a time due to the restrictions, half of the musicians never even came to the studio”.

Jess Ribeiro - Summer Of Love Album out April 12 (Labelman)
Maybe If I Wore Sunglasses Inside I Won’t Feel Tired
Everything Is Now
The Trees & Me
Jump The Gun
Summer of Love
Wake In Fright

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