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DIIV 6-03-2024
Shaka Ponk - 14...

Pias news - Bdrmm - "Standard Tuning" is de nieuwe single!

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Pias news - Bdrmm - "Standard Tuning" is de nieuwe single!

(a non-album "I Don't Know"-track - out on 10" single 19-04-2024 - including a Nathan Fake-remix of "Alps")

"This new song is an important track in the ever-changing development of our creative process, as it was a collaboration between myself and Jordan. I created the loop using techniques such as stretching samples and chopping them, and Jordan added synthetics and drum processing, and structured it into the track you hear now. Lyrically, the words followed the loss of an old childhood friend. Despite the fact of not speaking to somebody for years, you still feel an atmosphere of upset and loss. The passing affected the Hull community in such a way that is was impossible not to be affected by it. The song is about loss and a tribute to old friends", Ryan Smith.

Standard Tuning (Official audio visualiser) (youtube.com)
bdrmm - Standard Tuning (Official Audio Visualiser) (youtube.com)

Ondanks de lockdown-periode wist de post-shoegaze, dream pop en indie (kraut/post-punk) rock-formatie bdrmm, uit het Engelse Hull, in 2020 toch een behoorlijke impact te maken met hun debuut-album "Bedroom". Het werd onthaald als 'a heady, forward-thinking shoe gaze distillation' (Clash), 'one of the underground hits of lockdown' (The Guardian) en NME-magazine gaf het de maximale vijf sterrren en noemde de release 'a modern day shoe gaze classic'!
De band is nu terug met hun tweede album "I Don't Know", en bevat weer de kenmerkende 'effects-laden guitars (The Cure, Ride), dreamy ambient melody-lines (Beach House, Slowdive) and motorik grooves (NEU!, Can), but now added with piano, strings, electronica, sampling and the occassional dance beat'. Stilstand is achteruitgang en bdrmm toont aan dat shoegaze anno 2023 nog innovatief en springlevend kan zijn!

Op 30 juni vorig jaar verscheen het album: "I Don't Know"

1 Alps
2 Be Careful
3 It's Just A Bit Of Blood
4 We Fall Apart
5 Advertisement One
6 Hidden Cinema
7 Pulling Stitches
8 A Final Movement

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