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Even voorstellen – Joe Gideon - Altered self

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Even voorstellen – Joe Gideon – Altered self

About the upcoming album ‘ALTERED SELF’
Back in March 2020, singer/songwriter Joe was mid-tour promoting his fresh album ‘Armagideon’ when the pandemic brought his tour, along with the entire world, to a screeching halt. In the interim, Joe has been writing and recording his follow-up album which is set to be released by Labelman records on May 3rd.
Joe’s upcoming album, like its predecessor ‘Armagideon’, is produced by Jim Sclavunos. Gideon’s unique song-writing style and surreal poetic musings are very much in the fore; and although he and Jim are the sole instrumentalists, the album offers a menagerie of sounds including loopy synths, skronky guitars, sonorous bass, and lashings of bongo madness.

Expect to hear Joe yowling and howling at the moon, screeching like a bird, as well as summoning listeners to join his ‘disco church’ congregation… and for all you entomologists, Joe promises at least two songs about insects.
1. ArchaeoPsychic

  1. Bird of Prey
  2. The Deforming Mirrors, Part 1
  3. The Deforming Mirrors, Part 2
  4. Life Cycle of the Atlas Moth
  5. Arctic Moon
  6. Grizzly
  7. Spiders in Dreams
  8. Wild & Free

April 2024 - JOE GIDEON releases BIRD OF PREY
“Bird of Prey” is the second single from the forthcoming Joe Gideon album “Altered Self”, that wil be released on Labelman on May 3rd. The new album was produced by ‘Bad Seed’ Jim Sclavunos, who will also be joining Joe Gideon on stage. 
About Bird of Prey
As singer/songwriter Joe Gideon explains, "There’s a bird sanctuary near where I live, which has a road sign that says “Birds of Prey”. Every time I drove past the sign I started to almost subconsciously sing the melody for the chorus. When I realised what I was doing I wondered if there might be a song in there.
I wrote this song during one of the ‘UK COVID Lockdowns’ and it’s the first time I’ve written a song on piano. I’d borrowed an electronic piano from my daughter’s music teacher at school so she could do virtual music lessons at home. Next thing I know, I’m writing a song on it. Thanks Mr Norman!"
"Bird of Prey" was produced by Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave & The Bad seeds, The Vanity Set) who also accompanies Joe on drums, organ and Roland Juno. It is the second single from Joe’s upcoming album, “Altered Self”. The album is mastered by Kramer who has worked with Joe on several of his albums now.
Joe Gideon - Bird of Prey (Official Video) (youtube.com)

Febr 2024 - "Arctic Moon" is het eerste nummer uit de nieuwe plaat van JOE GIDEON (Bikini Atoll, Joe Gideon & The Shark,...), een plaat waarvoor hij samen werkte met Jim Sclavunos, drummer van Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. De plaat zelf komt begin mei uit op LABELMAN.
New JOE GIDEON single out on February 21st - We are pleased to announce we have signed Joe Gideon on LABELMAN and that we will release his new music worldwide, starting with the new single ‘Arctic Moon’.
The song is the first single of the new album “Altered Self”, to be released on May 3rd on Labelman. The album was produced by ‘Bad Seed’ Jim Sclavunos, who will also be joining Joe Gideon on stage. 
Joe Gideon - Arctic Moon (Official Video) (youtube.com)
Joe Gideon returns with his single, ‘Arctic Moon’.
A song about taking shelter while a storm is raging, all under the icy gaze of an Arctic Moon that never sets, sole witness to the fate of the characters in the song. As Joe sings, it’s “… like a Greek tragedy being played out in an igloo”.
The track was produced by Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks), who also added drums, percussion and synth flourishes.
About Arctic Moon
Joe Gideon wrote this song while living in Porthleven, Cornwall, UK during ‘Covid Lockdown 3’, in the winter of 2021.
And, though the song is set somewhere in the Arctic Tundra, its theme of isolation while nature snaps at our heels is eerily reminiscent of that time.
The video for ‘Arctic Moon’ was filmed and edited in Copenhagen by the wonderful
Danish artist Sophie Hjerl. Watch the video here.
Arctic Moon is the first single from Joe’s upcoming album, ‘ALTERED SELF’.
Record on Labelman

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