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Pias news – Arab Strap - "Strawberry Moon", nieuwe single

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Pias news – Arab Strap - "Strawberry Moon", nieuwe single

"Lyrically, it's probably the most personal song on the album", says Aidan Moffat. "It's about a period when I wasn't doing very well, both mentally and physically. I was walking with a cane and in pain most of the time, and drowning my sorrows too, trapped at home and watching the phases of the moon through a window. The moon always seems to pop up in my lyrics, and the song is a sort of secular hymn in praise of her constant change. She's always a comfort, always hopeful, and always makes me smile".
The song's video, created with David Arthur - who worked with Moffat previously on the film "Where You're Meant To Be" -, features Moffat and his colleague Malcolm Middleton as priest and werewolf in a chase across the city of Glasgow, and is the first time the duo have fully appeared in a video together in almost 25 years. "Aye, it's been a while", says Moffat. "So we thought we should go all out - costumes, make-up, special effects, acting, mobility scooter and all".

Arab Strap's unieke signatuur wordt al sinds 1995 gekenmerkt door hun Schotse tongval, poëtische teksten en humor. De indie rock / alternative pop band levert met "I'm Totally Fine With It - Don't Give A Fuck Anymore", 'their most sonically expansive album', weer een waar meesterwerkje af. Het duo Malcolm Middleton en Aidan Moffat, met hun jarenlange productionele metgezel Paul Savage (The Delgados), staat wederom garant voor 12 nieuwe pareltjes 'with a mix of intoxicating melodies and a threatening intensity'. Arab Strap's gelijk vertrouwd aanvoelende en Schotse half gesproken, half gezongen songs bevatten dit keer wat extra pit, beats en urgentie (met veel maatschapplijke thema's) en 'furthers the band's transformation from swooning, lo-fi, slow-core, post-rock romantics to raging, alt-pop chroniclers'.
Arab Strap - Strawberry Moon (Official video) (youtube.com)

Op 10 mei verschijnt het album: "I'm Totally Fine With It"
1. Allatonceness
2. Bliss
3. Sociometer Blues
4. Hide Your Fires
5. Summer Season
6. Molehills
7. Strawberry Moon
8. You're Not There
9. Haven't You Heard
10. Safe & Well
11. Dreg Queen
12. Turn Off The Light

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