AB, Brussel programmatie + infootjes

AB, Brussel programmatie + infootjes Concerten 2024 26-06-24 – Thievery corporation (Org: Gracia Live) 27-06-24 – Guano apes (Org: FKP Scorpio) 27-06-24 – Chelsea Wolfe, Kaelan Mikla 28-06-24 – WITT, Pothamus (ism Hogeschool PXL) 29-06-24 – Belle & Sebastian…


Wilde Westen, Kortrijk - events

Wilde Westen, Kortrijk - events Concerten 2024 Introducing: Blender - De zomerse muzikale mix in Kortrijk Deze zomer brengen Schouwburg Kortrijk en Wilde Westen een uitzonderlijke muzikale ervaring naar de Bolwerksite in Kortrijk. Blender is de nieuwe zomerse…


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Even voorstellen – Efterklang – new album, ‘Things We Have In Common’

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Even voorstellen – Efterklang – new album, ‘Things We Have In Common’
‘EFTERKLANG Announce New Album Things We Have In Common
Out September 27, 2024 via City Slang

May 2024
‘Plant’ Featuring Mabe Fratti https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqWBuf8iIVw&list=PLZb7JfGV55GZVf5VdSjLnuK8vHGkyXKM4&index=2
2025 Jan 18: Antwerp, BE – De Singel
June 2024 “animated heart” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-x8TLEJi7k&list=PLZb7JfGV55GZVf5VdSjLnuK8vHGkyXKM4&index=2

In March, Efterklang introduced their latest sonic chapter with ‘Getting Reminders’, a stand-alone single featuring Beirut’s Zach Condon on trumpet. Today, they have followed up with the announcement of a new album Things We Have In Common (September 27, 2024 on City Slang Records) and a new single, ‘Plant’ featuring Mabe Fratti on cello and vocals. The video was directed and created by Søren Lynggaard and Niels Buhl Henriksen and takes the creative play with still and live photos we saw in the Getting Reminders video to a whole new level.

Vocalist Casper Clausen explains that ‘Plant’ is “a song dedicated to the act of reaching out, beyond ourselves, daring to go beyond our inner world and share ourselves with others, putting our vulnerability on display, like a plant reaching for the light. This is one of the first songs we wrote for the new album, and it’s been a long journey, starting from a sketch by our longtime friend, collaborator, and co-founder of Efterklang, pianist Rune Mølgaard.”

Collaborator Mabe Fratti says writing ‘Plant’ with Efterklang “was extremely joyful as I remember witnessing the song developing when I went with Efterklang to Sommertræf two years ago. It’s a breeze, this song. I felt that Casper’s tone and mine are super friendly with each other!”

With the single they also announce their new Album “Things We Have in Common” to be release on City Slang Sept 27 on City Slang. With their newest record, Efterklang close the circle that began with their 2019 album Altid Sammen and continued with 2021’s Windflowers. These three records represented an opening to a simpler, more inclusive form of expression for the Danish trio, exploring themes of human connection, the relationship between humans and nature and collective spirituality and belonging. Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg have been playing music together as the three primary members of Efterklang for over 20 years, alongside a collective of other musicians who collaborate with them across albums and performances. Pianist and composer Rune Mølgaard formed Efterklang with the three members but left after their 2007 sophomore record Parades, orbiting around the band to varying degrees since. But for Things We Have In Common, Rune collaborated with the band again, co-writing 7 of the 9 songs on the record.

During the years of his absence from the band, Rune fell in love with a woman who had grown up in the Mormon Church and found his spiritual side awakened, embracing the religion with his body and soul. Yet as time passed, Rune found it increasingly difficult to keep his newfound faith and eventually his belief crumbled under the weight of his unanswered questions. Finally, in 2022, he broke with the Mormon Church.

Although Efterklang had invited Rune to work with them on Things We Have In Common before he left the church, after he left their relationship intensified. The conversations the band members had about his decision to leave the church colored the album as they worked, with the three primary members of Efterklang stepping back to create room for Rune’s ideas and sonic universe.

“Towards the end of the album process we talked about belonging, in relation to Rune’s journey - how he no longer found that feeling in the church,” explains Rasmus of the album’s title. “We talked about how Casper’s sense of belonging is tied to something nomadic, and about how Mads and I associate this with our families.”

But all of them find a home in music. “It became a completely therapeutic process for me,” says Rune of his experience writing the record. “When we write music together, it happens from a genuinely curious place, in a shared experience of the moment.” It’s a process which requires the act of surrender. As Casper puts it, “Existing in situations where we don’t belong anywhere or with anyone - and being together in that.”

Efterklang were joined by a number of musicians in addition to Rune to create Things We Have In Common. Finnish drummer Tatu Rönkkö, Venezuelan guitarist Hector Tosta and Guatemalan cellist and singer Mabe Fratti all became key collaborators. Italian award-winning mixer Francesco Donadello has also left a significant mark on the record, as has the South Denmark Girls’ Choir, who sing on ‘Animated Heart’ and ‘To A New Day’.

01) Balancing Stones

02) Plant

03) Getting Reminders

04) Ambulance

05) Leave It All Behind

06) Animated Heart

07) Shelf Break

08) Sentiment

09) To A New Day


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