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DIIV 6-03-2024

Even voorstellen - Walfang - No Season

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Even voorstellen - Walfang - No Season

The seasons are dying out, and so are we.
Have you ever wondered what life has in store for us? That's the question reflected in 'No Season,' the new single from the Belgian noise collective Walfang.
The dilemma of such a profound question is what No Season stands for. We do nothing but dwell on doom, knowing that our future generations will eventually perish, a fact that fills us with dread. But what does that accomplish?
Purifying, subdued, and strangely beautiful in equal measure. The themes, ingrained in the DNA of this song, and the eccentric video, allude to the complex state of modern society, the fear of premature extinction, and the hope of someday living in harmony.
The way the song came about is the most organic of the whole album. The guitar riff, drawing influences from Tuareg and Milian music, is catchy and danceable. It sets the perfect tone for what the new Walfang album has in store. A coincidence that guitarist Taco stumbled upon, kicking off the idea for the track.
Each member of the band has contributed to the vibe of the record, which can clearly be heard. From the jazz-inspired drum lines to the harmonized vocals of Odiel and Burny, to the Pink Floyd-esque break in the middle of No Season. This song in particular is simultaneously an outlier and yet the perfect summary of the album. Eclectic and sincere.

Walfang - No Season (official video).mp4 - Google Drive

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  • Datum: 2024-05-16
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