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Trix, Antwerpen - events 2024 - 30 & 31 aug: Summer bummer festival 2024 - 09 sept: Hollow coves (ism Live Nation) - 13 sept: Jxdn (ism Live Nation) - 17 sept: Ski mask the slump god - 21 sept: 20 jaar Trix - 24 sept: Northlane, Novelists, Ten56 - 25 sept:…


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Even voorstellen – Fervents - 'Let Go', single

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Even voorstellen – Fervents - 'Let Go', single

Capitane Records - Release: 19th June 2024

Capitane Records is delighted to announce the release of Fervents' new single 'Let Go' on 19 June. This is the second single - after 'Faith' - from an EP to be released this autumn.

'Let Go' is a journey about inner struggle and liberation. The song tells the story of a journey in which you battle your personal demons and eventually free yourself from their grip. Set against a backdrop of heavy instrumentals, the band's performance captures the urgency and determination of reclaiming one's life. The song is a testament to resilience and change, evoking the transformative power of letting go and moving on to new horizons.

Fervents are a punk band from Liège in south-east Belgium. Two years after the release of their first EP, driven by the heady ‘Billy’, the band returned to the studio to record five rougher, darker songs, inspired by the grunge and hardcore punk scenes.

Anchored by abrupt rhythms and unstoppable melodies, the band's three voices speak out in unison against current social conformism, the struggle against everyday addictions and the quest for a better life.

Sharp live performances have helped Fervents forge a solid reputation on the live circuit, enabling them to play over 30 concerts across Belgium, England and the Netherlands, and to support bands such as Kills Birds, Cloud Nothings, Bad Breeding and SONS.

21th June, Fêtes De La Musique, Marche-en-Famenne (w/ Compact Disk Dummies)
3rd August, Micro Festival, Liège
9th October, Botanique, Brussels. EP release concert

Fervents - Let Go (youtube.com)

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