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InHuman - If you made something happen, you want something else. And keep going. That’s an ambition to keep going this way, and keep going in this process …

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InHuman - If you made something happen, you want something else. And keep going. That’s an ambition to keep going this way, and keep going in this process …

Anwynn is dead. Long live InHuman! After years of polishing their music, style and performance, the project « Anwynn » has matured into a punching, dark and ambitious new outfit. Furthering the groundwork laid on tracks like « Keratin », « Shrine » and the acclaimed symphonic cover of Machine Head’s « Now I Lay Thee Down », a new direction seemed as natural as it was inevitable. With a new album, featuring fresh lyrical themes, orchestral grandeur and a core more deeply rooted in death metal, flying the same banner as the more folkloristic tunes of the past did not feel quite right. Inspired by the human condition itself, from its moments of utter splendor to its deepest regrets : enter « InHuman ». Both a new beginning, as a continuing inspiration for an exciting future.

The new album was recorded & mixed at Nomad Studio by Julien Huyssens while the vocals were recorded at the Vamacara Studio in France. The album also features magnificent choral contributions by the Ghent University Choir. Virtual Orchestrations were devised by Eerik Maurage. (Bron: https://inhumanmetal.com/ ).
Following the name change, and of course the release of the debut album 'InHuman' and further plans for the future, we had a nice talk with Keyboard player Astrid .

I would like to start with a personal question, who are your great sources of inspiration and influences in music? And to what extent , did they influence you to write and create your own music? Because I found out you influence is also very important in the band and it was in Anwynn?
That is true in a part. For this new album the influence from the other members is also very important. Together with my personal influence I think it come more together then earlier. But from my direction? I listen to a lot things. I listen to progressive metal, Devin Townsend. listen to heavier bands like Machine Head who are one of my favourites Most of us listen to symphonic metal but in very different styles, Eerik who composed our orchestrations is very influenced by Dimmu Borgir, for me it’s more SepticFlesh And I also like pop music like Beyonce en things like that And also film music. 

I feel most comfortable in the dark corner of the room, so I prefer to listen to dark music with a macabre touch to it. Do you also have a preference for darkness? And if so, why (or why not?) 
Soo you think our music is dark?( haha)  If it’s about the more emotional part of darkness, yes I agree. But that also  can be joyful music to where people dance, make fun and things. Where is much energy and a lot people jumping , singing the choruses. Mostly it depends on the mood of the day, or the person.

I just think your music is very intensive that’s the kind of darkness I like.
Yes, but you can see this in different ways. If it’s intensive and the emotions come true? I think we did a good job.

InHuman is actually the ‘Anwynn’ project in a sort of new outfit …
Anwynn started a long time ago. In 2010 and there where much lineup changes. But also our music changed together with new members. In the meantime  it felt like a complete different time, and also I’m a complete different person. Slowly we release an album and EP. And things like the Folk music was changed together with new members , and also new influence. Soo this ‘InHuman’ concept is a complete different band, in a complete different direction then Anwynn. There are more symphonic influence in this band too give a example . Soo, time after time I felt not only we changed our style, but it was time for changing the name as well. Soo it become a new project, with new name and also a new line up. 

Why the name change? And does it mean literally what it says ?
We were moving away from the folk and Keltic lyrics. We were free do anything we want with the music and the lyrics. In fact is rather psychologic and emotional. Soo it’s a metaphor for the evolution we going true. The whole thing is started about what it is to be human, and what too love human. And that’s acutely what we all wanted to say in ‘InHuman’ it says what it means.

In some way you already have answered this question. But. I also read ''a core that is more deeply rooted in death metal, didn't quite feel it was right to fly the same flag as the more Folkloric tunes of the past'' Is there nothing left of that Folkloric, or is that part being looked at from a different 'human' point of view? In other words, how should we view InHuman as a fan?
I just want to say, from the Folk metal we are really going away from that direction. That’s for sure. It’s still one of many influences, but it’s defiantly not how we going to present it right now. 

How were the reactions in general to that turnaround? 
We were only able to play three times with this new name InHuman. It was much fun, and the reactions where pretty good acutely. A big change, but still the fans where very enthusiast about this new project. Especially with Kelly Thaans who stepped in on vocals alongside Eline for those shows - the dynamic was fun and very well received.

A big change but it still feels like a ‘comfortable part of the dark side of music’ to put it this way. It’s not a big change to me, but just an other change
Agree with that (haha) Sounds fine to me. 

Do you get your inspiration from things in daily life, I thought you worked in Psychiatry and are confronted with what is going on with 'people'? Was your job a kind of inspiration for the band name and the music on this debut or am I wrong?
Yes , defiantly. Next to how I think about the health of my patients I sure care about how they feel. And that’ s a big part of the lyrics and a big part of the music.

InHuman will release its debut on 26 February, what are your personal expectations?
Expectations with the whole crisis where we live in? it’s difficult. Because we don’t know what it is when we have a new album in this times. But I try not to think about have any expectations at all.  I hope we can play the release dates that are planned in May or something. Is it going to be live shows? Or streaming? Nobody knows, so I not try to have expectations in this times we live in. 

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to present that record live, except through streaming. It’s not the same it all, but are there any plans in that direction?
We have thought about it of course, Like you said it’s not the same thing at all Our music is very cinematic, it’s technical something you can only feel when you are there. Not when you see it on a screen or something. Soo, if that’s the only thing we can do. But otherwise we prefer to play it for a crowd of people. 

I do streaming concerts all the time these days (because it's the only way to show yourself in this days). How do you personally feel about that concept?
Yes it’s true, it’s the only way to put the band in the picture. We have a gig planned soon in May, we will see how it goes. We really do hope we can just play for a crowd of people, because of that technical reason and what I said before.

Like everyone a little bit, this pandemic we are still living in , has a huge impact on a lot of people. How did you get through these times as a musician (and a human being)? 
Some things went good, other things went bad. Defiantly I had to take a break what the band ‘InHuman’ . But it worked out good for me, because I found more time to play piano again, I not always find time for that before. Soo, for me it was a process that could do more things, where  I not found time for before.

Were these times that we live in also an inspiration for new music?
No, Because everything was already recorded and mixt before the lockdown. Soo no.

How do you personally think that music and culture (but also other affected sectors such as the hospitality industry) will survive this crisis?
That’ s a difficult question. I think it will be reinventing  itself. In the good or bad way, I don’t know. The one thing it would  reinventing itself sooner or later, there been changes all the time. The music itself have to reinvent itself anyway, like it always have been. More, maybe this crisis is a trigger for the music industry to reinvent itself, who know. Is it a good thing? I don’t know, maybe it will not as good as it was before. But I think we will survive, just because music always had to reinvent itself, in the past, so it will be like that now to.

What are your future plans for this year, as far as perspectives go of course?
Well the release that coming up, and a punch of release concerts. We not want to focus on online concerts, but maybe we have to focus on it now .. don’t know. But if there is perspectives I do hope we can do some shows with crowd. We sure have plans, but how we going do it I don’t know, but nobody does. But we want to keep making music anyway. 

What are your actual ambitions with the band (but also for you as a musician)?  Is there something like an end goal?
Honestly I don’t think so. Our goal was to release a album, and that’s going to happen now. Soo we need a other goal, and that’s just a endless evolving process, that keeps going and going. If you made something happen, you want something else. And keep going. That’s a ambition to keep going this way, and keep going in this process. 

So, where do you see yourself (and the band) in 10 years then?
Personally I see myself in a bunch of different kinds of music, in different kinds of styles. Metal or not metal. For InHuman I hope we still can make music with the band, and record music. And , like I said, that the process where we step in now keep going on. In the style where we now working in. Soo, always keep make new music and never stop. 

Thanks for this nice interview, if you guys doing a streaming contact me and I will write a review about it. I also hope we can see you on stage soon, it can be coronaproof to ?

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  • Date: 2021-03-10 23:00:00
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